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Toby Pax is small family-owned business located in Gold Canyon, Arizona. We love horses and admire equestrian sports. The Toby Pax ranch is home to our 5 horses and a mule (along with a myriad of misfit animals). Toby, our silver dapple mini and Pax, our Eagle HMA mustang are close friends. Putting their names together just felt right for our growing brand. Our mission is to create functional, high quality, and visually appealing equestrian wear for all levels of rider. While riders of all ages love our products, we were inspired by the equestrian in training.

Our competitors are overpriced and place their logos all over their products. At Toby Pax, we want to bring affordable, quality riding apparel to the equestrian in training. Our brand is comfortable, wear resistant, and versatile. Less expensive does not mean lower quality. We stand behind our products with our unmatched return policy: Wear them, ride in them, and wash them. If you aren't satisfied within 30 days, we give your money back. No label. No problem. 

We understand the passion and joy of horse riding. We know you spoil your horses. It's time to spoil yourself with Toby Pax.